We are happy to announce that Mr Reynaldo Dario of Philippines has been selected as our ‘Student of the Month’ for August 2020.

Reynaldo is a student of the Master of International Business Administration program. He was selected on the basis of outstanding academic performance and other factors like personal tutor feedback and on time submissions.

When asked how he feels about being selected Student of the Month, Reynaldo replies, “Truly inspiring. I feel encouraged and supported every step of the way.  I can appreciate the student learning experience that Athena Global Education (AGE) provides alongside my educational journey.” 

He further adds that he could cope with studies despite having a busy schedule “due to Athena’s flexible and stackable program. I can simply allot the time needed for  readings, video lectures, research and task completion and work at my own pace”.

Regarding work-life balance, Reynaldo says, “I believe in mind-body-spirit integration to achieve balance in one’s life. I meditate, exercise regularly , follow a pescatarian diet,  socialize, sing and play soft rock, blues, folk,  pop and jazz guitar.”

Reynaldo is indeed a multifaceted personality.

Reynaldo Dario  is Trustee & Corporate Secretary, RCB Foundation, Inc, Philippines.

We wish him all success and strongly believe that he will rise to the pinnacle of his career.