Athena Global Education is expanding its footprint in South East Asia with a mission  to educate and empower the students of that region through its affordable online academic and professional certification courses.  Athena’s programs enable individuals to develop their capabilities and to foster their application at the workplace for the benefit of the economy and society.


Athena Global Education has appointed Asia Trading Consultants known popularly as Asiatrac,  to help Athena establish and grow a sustainable business in East Asia – particularly, countries of the ASEAN Community, one the world’s most rapidly growing economic areas. Asiatrac has  created a plan to identify and secure channel partnerships for Athena  with leading providers of the region. 


“Partnering with Asiatrac marks a significant step in our commitment to  contribute to education in different parts of the world and prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges. We are thrilled to be sharing our expertise in online education to learners in South East Asia,” says Mr Firoz Thairinil, CEO, Westford Education Group.


Asiatrac’s consultants have conducted surveys for the World Bank and managed development projects for corporations and government departments in many countries in the Region. With a deep understanding of the business culture and knowledge of the local languages, they have been able to help many universities and business organisations to successfully expand their activities into parts of the ASEAN market they were unable to access before.


Asiatrac will be responsible for promoting Athena by partnering with large educational institutions and corporations and also ensures that the delivery of the programs meet the  requirements of local regulatory environments, recruiting  students and providing a variety of linguistic, cultural and  academic support services to retain them until successful  completion of their courses.


“We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Athena Global Education to advance the cause of education in South East Asia,” commented Mr David Gleave, Lead Consultant, Asiatrac and former Managing Director of Cambridge University Asia Pacific.