But as I faced my 35th birthday, I found myself panicking. I was struggling to envision what the second half of my career would look like when it came to seniority, salary, fulfillment, you name it. Where do I go from here? After all, the farther up the ladder you go, the fewer positions there are — it’s just the nature of the corporate beast. There are very few C-level, chief design officer jobs.

This got me thinking about how we ensure that our efforts, career paths, and viability as valuable members of organizations, communities and disciplines continues throughout our career. The answer I found was relatively simple. The work to get there, less so. It’s a concept I call forever employable (also the name of my new book) and it is the continuous sharing and re-purposing of your experience, passion, and expertise to create a platform of thought leadership around yourself. By becoming a recognized expert in your chosen domain or discipline you reverse the flow of jobs leads and opportunities. Instead of you having to chase them down, they come to you