We are delighted to inform you that we have launched the Discussion Board on August 19, 2020 to further enhance your learning experience at Athena Global Education.

Active engagement with your peer community will not only help you refine knowledge on a subject but also sharpen your critical thinking and communication skills including the ability to articulate and defend your positions. A discussion forum will help you get the flexibility to reflect on your thoughts and read the responses of others and get their perspective leading to a deeper understanding of the subject matter under discussion.

We strongly believe that the Discussion Board will build a community with your peers and empower you to respond in a safe and respectful environment.

We want to hear your voice and opinion on issues which are close to your heart and gain valuable insights from students living on opposite sides of the globe.

This forum is available at all times and accessible from anywhere.

Login – your student portal and find out what your peers are discussing about!