Oct 1 ,2020

Interview with Wendy Foo

Good leadership is communication, being able to reach out to the team during good times and bad times. You have to be a people person so that you can bring people closer to you.”

Wendy Foo
Director of Sales
IMBA Batch 2019

Today we have with us, our student Wendy Foo. She is studying for a Master of International  Business Administration. Besides being a student, Wendy Foo is Director of Sales at SetnaIO, a Chicago based,  aircraft aftermarket component provider. Wendy had previously been heading APAC trading in Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd. She is also a single mother to 2 children, now in their 20’s. We are grateful to Wendy for taking out time from her hectic schedule and sharing her experiences with us.

You are working in the aircraft Industry. The aircraft Industry seems to have been hit hard by the pandemic. What is your take on this as an insider, how do you see this unfolding?

The planes will fly again someday. We just have to regain confidence and be socially responsible. A lot of businesses are also affected because we cannot fly internationally. Recently, the domestic flights are doing fine. We see China picking up slowly though they are the first that got hit. So slowly but surely, we will see the big metal birds flying in the sky again.

Why did you feel the need to go for higher studies at this juncture of your life and career? And what made you choose Athena and this particular program?

Higher studies was always in the bucket list. The Athena Global Education program is affordable and flexible, especially for me who has to go on business trips very often. I have no time to attend classes and it is affordable for me since I am the only member of my family working.

How do you manage Work-Study-Life Balance?

I just started a new job.I have sacrificed a great deal of my personal time. But I am happier now as compared to my previous job and I told myself I still have a couple of modules before I can realise my dream to have an MBA.

You are Director of Sales. We would like to understand one thing. What do you think defines sales?

When you meet your customers, never go there with the intention to only sell. Building a good rapport and network serves you well in the long run. Whether today this person is or is not your customer, treat everyone like a friend.

What is your inspiration? One thing that has unfailingly kept you going in your career and life?

I love what I am doing, that is, trading. I am always thinking and finding ways to go about to do this business successfully. I think like an entrepreneur and run the business as if it’s my own. Whenever I reach a sales target, it just confirms what I am doing is right and it boosts  my confidence.

In Life, I am happy as long as my parents, children and partner are healthy. I don’t get angry easily these days as I feel life is short and we have to make full use of  each day with our loved ones.

Your take on Art & Management. Do you think they are connected, or can art be of any help in management?

Of course there are so many things one can learn from Art & Management.. From day to day operations to marketing to coordinating events, not to mention understanding the HR practices and others.

How do you define good leadership?

Good leadership is communication, being able to reach out to the team during good times and bad times. You have to be a people person so that you can bring people closer to you. You must also be firm in certain circumstances too. In conclusion, there is no perfect leader like there is no perfect person.

I hope I can learn more from the coming module on Strategic Management. 

Thank you Athena.