The recent Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses all over the world. For most people, job security is on the decline. Unemployment level is drastically rising.  As more and more are rendered jobless, a new wave and type of entrepreneurs are evolving in every household.

Entrepreneurs have to continuously update themselves by reskilling and upskilling to stay ahead in this competitive arena. 

To overcome uncertainty, most entrepreneurs need to move towards a more data-driven approach, paired with digitally-agile operations and automation.

Not all entrepreneurs are born with ‘greatness’ traits. These can be learned over time and that is why upskilling is so important for all businesses. This pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home and so this is the best time to upskill and learn the technical ways to succeed in business. 


3 reasons for upskilling

1.Upskilling prepares you to face new challenges:

A lot of online courses are coming up which allows us to learn from anywhere at any time. Even if you have a job, or are knee-deep in running a business, an online course does not interfere with your work hours. Online courses help in obtaining valuable certificates that will help one stay prepared for anything that comes the way. The skills an entrepreneur requires are different from those simply looking for a job as the business environment is more competitive than ever. Acquiring a skill with a certificate to prove it would be an added advantage.

2. Accelerate productivity with new skills: 

While upskilling with an online course specifically targeted at entrepreneurs, you boost your productivity in your business. Such learnings will hone the niche set of your skills with tools, tips and strategies that are specifically demanded in  a job.

These initiatives help you to learn and adapt  to new technologies so that you can thrive in the future.

3.  Improve overall mental health: According to several scientific researches, learning something new can improve self-esteem,increase confidence and help build a sense of purpose. That is why inspiring entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are always reading new books and gaining more knowledge.

Quick tips on how to upskill in 2020

  • Pick your favorite style of learning—it can be podcasts, reading blogs, books, or taking video courses.
  • Select courses that are relevant to the industry.
  • Give importance to learning rather than banking on certifications only.
  • Attend and be part of as many virtual meetups, webinars, and events as possible. These events often have lots to offer and can help you find a mentor or just give you great ideas as you talk to more people.


Krishnapriya Nair

Associate Faculty and Mentor- Athena Global Education

Krishnapriya T. Nair is a qualified professional with  seven years of teaching experience. She has a MBA degree in Human Resources and Systems and M.Tech degree in Control and Instrumentation.